The Real Truth About Vaping!

There IS a war on vaping going on!   Is it Big Tobacco & the government, or just ignorance & misinformation, bad choices in wording?  They continue to use "VAPING" as an umbrella name for something that has nothing to do with our industry.  People are being scared into going back to the cigarettes that were killing them because they've been led to believe that vaping is even more dangerous than their cigarettes were.  Uneducated Doctors are actually advising patients that it would be better to smoke!  The Media refuses to differentiate between what's actually making people sick and "our vaping industry" who is here to help people switch to a "healthier alternative" from combustible tobacco.  Not only are they pushing people back to a dangerous crippling habit, but they're going to put an entire industry out of business to only make way for the Tobacco Companies who've knowingly been making you sick, now they have come out with their own vape products... without the enjoyable flavours that are so important in making the switch, more expensive products, and can we really trust what they're putting in there after all we've learned about cigarettes?

We all need to make our own choices but in order to make informed decisions you need to have the facts, not what the media has decided to tell you.

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  1. LUNG DISEASE? - The current ‘vaping-related’ lung injuries are caused from black market cannabis products used in a vaping device; NOT regulated nicotine eliquid! The government, authorities, media and health-related non profits are deliberately deceiving the public by inferring that these injuries were caused from legal nicotine eliquid. Why are they actively oppressing tobacco harm reduction? For More Information Click Here
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  3. YOUTH VAPING - The most pervasive tactic to turn the public against harm reduction is to use children. Fear-based false narratives omit important information, convey information out of context and manipulate our desire to protect children with inflammatory and misleading comments.  For More Information Click Here
  4. E-CIGARETTES VS CANNABIS CARTRIDGES - This is a moment for legitimate alarm at the intersection of two distressing but distinct epidemiological patterns involving e-cigarettes (“vaping”): an increase in vaping among youth and a sudden outbreak of acute lung injuries and deaths in the United States, associated most strongly with vaping tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. Discussions of vaping, however, often neglect distinctions between nicotine and THC; between adults and youth; and between products obtained through the retail and black markets.  Read More of This Article & Others by Clicking Here
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  7. The Numbers!  The effect on the Vaping Industry if flavours are banned

Flavor Study Results with Dr Farsalinos